Safe. Simple. Certain.

Accurate and rapid testing, right in the allergist’s office

Results in minutes

Less invasive


More convenient

Accurate allergy blood test results in a single visit

Kenota System revolutionizes the allergy testing experience for patients and clinicians. It puts lab-quality IgE testing capability directly into allergists’ offices, giving them additional information they can use to quickly and accurately diagnose allergies in a single visit.

Allergy testing is crucial

In the U.S. alone, more than 32 million people suffer from food allergies — a number that’s only growing. Many allergies are life threatening, and there is no cure. Testing is crucial to determine their presence, severity and treatment. But until now, the available testing options have had drawbacks for both patients and clinicians.


Kenota Health is transforming the allergy testing experience for patients by giving allergists a better, faster way to obtain highly specific test results right in the allergist's office.

Assess allergies in minutes

Kenota is decentralizing allergy testing with a proprietary approach that employs rapid, point of care instrumentation. Capable of swiftly quantifying a patient’s sensitization to allergens, our system is compact, streamlined and can be administered easily by allergists and their staff.

Designed with allergists in mind

Uncovers sensitizations with a few drops of blood

Easy to administer: results and reports generated on the spot

Allergists can provide end-to-end care in a single visit – no need for lab referrals

The journey to transform testing

From the outset, we’ve had an unwavering vision: to change allergy testing to deliver a better system for allergists and a better experience to patients. Here are some highlights of our journey so far:

Developed concept for in-clinic allergy testing system

Established scalable 33,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Waterloo Region, Canada

Created pilot systems and conducted successful allergy clinic pilot study

Raised $11 million in Series A funding

Kenota submits technology to FDA

Science driven. Market focused.

We care about allergies. We’re working with allergy professionals to deliver better tools and technology for allergy care.
We’ve partnered with allergists to understand precisely what they need, and built our solution to satisfy those challenges.
We’ve conducted in-clinic pilot tests, have an experienced executive team in place and established a scalable manufacturing facility.
Since the earliest stages we’ve engaged with the FDA and other regulatory bodies to ensure safety, effectiveness and compliance.
Our system places testing directly into the clinic for a closer patient-physician connection.
We have built a strong foundation of intellectual property which continues to grow.
Our solution is targeted to the needs of allergists and their patients, while being readily adaptable to address other medical conditions and antibody testing.

Kenota in the news

Kenota Health Announces FDA Submission for Allergy System

JULY 2023

Kenota Health is pleased to announce that the FDA has accepted a Dual Track (Dual 510(k) and CLIA Waiver by Application) submission for their new device, the Kenota 1 System and Kenota 1 Total IgE assay. The system, with its first assay (total IgE), has been designed to bring quantitative IgE testing to the allergy clinic without the need for a full CLIA laboratory license. Click here to read more.

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Kenota Health strengthens Board of Directors

MARCH 2022

Kenota has added US diagnostic business leaders Ruth Abdulmassih and Dennis Flannelly to its board of directors. Both bring extensive experience that will help guide Kenota as it advances toward complete development and clearance of its product. “The addition of Dennis and Ruth to the Kenota board is a significant step forward for our company,” stated Kenota CEO and Founder, Moufeed Kaddoura. Click here to read more.

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Kenota to present at 2021 Venture Summit


In this virtual summit, Moufeed Kaddoura, founder and CEO of Kenota will join other leading early stage and emerging growth innovators as they present live to top investors.

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Moufeed Kaddoura to present at Life Science Intelligence Summit


Kenota’s founder and CEO to present at the 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit, which brings together “the most innovative medtech startups, active investors and strategic buyers to deal-make and collaborate about the future of our industry.”

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Kenota Health raises $11M in funding


Kenota has raised $11 million in funding to provide rapid, reliable, point of care allergy testing. An initial seed round of $2 million in 2016 was used to begin validating our approach with physicians, followed by a Series A of $9 million, led by leading global venture fund, Draper Associates — the first institutional investor to back Tesla, Benchling, Robinhood, Skype, Hotmail and more than 20 other unicorns. Click here for article.

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Kenota CEO interviewed on Zoomcast


Tune in to hear Kenota founder and CEO Moufeed Kaddoura’s interview with Zoomcast — a podcast featuring entrepreneurs and professionals — about the company’s journey from founding to funding.

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The Kenota


Kenota Health is an entrepreneurially minded team with deep scientific, clinical and commercial expertise. An idea first sparked in the tech hotbed of Waterloo Region has grown into a team of passionate and innovative professionals, collectively focused on elevating healthcare through the world’s best data and testing technology.